Hello March!

 New Work! - 1 of 3 with Blue Apron

New Work! - 1 of 3 with Blue Apron

Well, another month bites the dust! I can’t believe that even with an extra day February is gone. But I’m thankful that with all of February’s love pressure, it’s a short one and long gone. . . I was on such a role sending out a bump (think: hip or chest not baby) once per month but time flies when you’re having fun, I guess, and now we’re in the thick of March. . . oops, sorry I know you missed me terribly ; ). So, with everything going on March is going to act as a double hitter for both February and March. I’ve been slammed with work and family, splitting my time between LA, San Diego, and Palm Springs, and I just haven’t had a second.

February started off with an LA photography shoot, a NDA prevents me from disclosing who and what. . . but it was awesome. I then jumped on a two-week contract in San Diego. I worked by day and ate my way through the city at night. I absolutely love San Diego. It actually has a big part to do with my leap from Toronto to the sunshine coast. For my birthday my Aunt Frances took me to San Diego for a weekend girls’ trip (girls gone wild is a better description) and needless to say, I fell in love. It’s much slower than LA, a bit of a sleepy little beach town, but not for me. I always have a blast eating and drinking my way through the town. Each neighborhood has a different flavor and something unique to offer. The people are so friendly, I always seem to make new friends whenever I’m there. As much as I love San Diego, LA is more my speed to live, but any excuse to spend time in SD I’m down. A list of my favorite stomping grounds is below.

On the weekends I’d take a short drive through the San Bernardino Mountains to Palm Springs where I’d spend time with my folks who were visiting from Toronto. I love road trips and driving. I can just zone out and be in my thoughts, or not, and take in my surroundings. There is something magical about the desert and I love the mountains. I was blessed one morning on my drive back to San Diego to catch the moon setting. It was full and big and bright. I drove right into it as it set behind the mountains. Then as I climbed the winding highway road the sun began to rise. I had to stop at a look out spot overlooking the Sultan Sea to just reflect and take it all in. Not a bad Monday and amazing way to kick off the week. There is a lot to see and do in the desert. I have fun playing tourist and tour guide with my folks.

I write from the sky on my way to Aspen—I know…tough life. I’ve got a shoot booked but it’s mainly about R&D and Ski. It’s another town I can eat and drink my way through. Something about it feels like home. I see myself living here one day or at least maybe splitting my time between California and Colorado - wouldn’t that be amazing!! Follow my insta @bellyfoodstyle for posts and highlights from my week.

San Diego Highlights

Palm Springs and Desert Highlights

  • Pappy and Harriets
  • Noah Purifoy Gallery
  • Eureka Burger- a new burger chain to hit the westside - just what we need I know. . . but its good.
  • Filippi's- Lasagna - so many layers of noodles and the atmosphere is half of the experience.
  • The Nest- Happy Hour. Possibly the best people watching - pick up central for 55 and beyond.
  • Shermans Deli
  • Tahquitz Canyon - in the winter there’s actually water and the streams and waterfall are running. Yes, there’s water in California!!
  • ‘Streating'* and people watching on El Paseo

*streating - strolling a street or neighbourhood eating (small bites in at least two gems), drinking and window shopping your way through. All the eating and drinking is offset by the walking. My favorite way to spend a day! I don’t know how I don’t weigh 200lbs, cause let’s face it. . . all I do is eat and drink and be merry when I’m not working my butt off.


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