November Features

A Fab Thanksgiving Dinner and Cozy Comfort Foods for Fall

Being able to celebrate thanksgivings two months in a row, has been absolutely amazing. Thanksgiving should really be every month. I'm Canadian and got to celebrate with my family and friends in October, then again in November with my new american family and friends. I am so blessed! Honestly the timing couldn't be more perfect to give thanks for everything that we have. Especially when there is so much to be thankful for around us. Yes, even when there is f'ed up shit happening in the world, that's when we have to really appreciate all that we have, enjoy life and those around us. Life is freaking weird!! But don't let that stop you from being the best you and continuing to be kind to those around you. I was fortunate to experience and witness several random acts of kindness this month, wow. There are lots of amazing good people on this earth! Thank you for the work, the support, the kindness and for being you.

Polenta and goulash is the ultimate in fall comfort food for me. My family and I ate it a lot growing up... melt-in-your-mouth goulash and creamy firm polenta… ahhhh… I love fall/winter cooking! Give it a try :)



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