Spooky Food! Happy Halloween!

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a 'tickle trunk' in my home. So you can imagine Halloween or anything dress up is my absolute favorite. Even my dog Kya has her own trunk. For those of you who didn't grow up with Mr. Dress Up or a dress-up trunk of your own, a 'tickle trunk' is a vessel that holds costumes for make-believe play or a super fun dinner party! If you own a ‘tickle trunk’, you know it’s not just for Halloween apparel. You never know when a costume might come in handy. Tickle-trunk costumes have been known to make appearances at many a dinner party, nights out, and random occasions to lighten the mood. Now, my circle of girls is all obsessed with the book The Japanese Art of Tidying Up. This book has helped me to live a tidy life without clutter, and I’m trying to let go of stuff that doesn't bring me joy. So I just did a purge of my 'tickle trunk' inventory, but I can't let go of everything completely. It just brings me too much joy! Needless to say, it makes dressing up for Halloween half the battle. My costume is sorted. Now I just have to buy treats to pass out. I'm considering participating in the teal pumpkin project. Although I don’t have kids with food allergies or any myself, food allergies are a very serious concern these days. But if I do participate, it’s because I’ll feel better giving out something that’s not sugar. I'll skip the candy this year and give something else useful maybe a notebook or cool pen as opposed to a sugar-loaded junk food. Growing up, I remember a few houses that gave out pencils and erasers instead of candy. I loved those houses. I have a photo shoot booked during the day on Halloween and a party at night. I'm thinking of inviting everyone over for dinner before we head out to party. The dish featured above is what I’m thinking about serving. It’s simple yet sophisticated and just a little spooky. Tentacles aren't for everyone, but let me tell you: they’re pretty damn delicious! Not your traditional pumpkin posting for the holiday, but my outside-the-box 'spooky dish' that’s sure to impress. Shot taken by photographer Jeremy Samuelson.

Shari's Berries commercial shoot with Espina Blanca Productions

Blue Apron Commercial and Still Shoot with Bunker Productions and Aubrie Pick photography

Photography Demo and Workshop with Phase One Cameras

Cookbook Photo Shoot with Dana Hursey

The best things I've eaten, drank, watched, or come across this month!

Eat | Turkey Stuffing: American Thanksgiving is next month, so take notes Yankees! But Canucks celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving in early October, which has obviously past. With every holiday, everyone has their favorite thing. Sometimes it’s the food or an element of the food. Sometimes it’s a tradition. When it comes to Thanksgiving, I could honestly care less about turkey. For me it’s all about the stuffing. My mother’s stuffing recipes that she inherited from her mother is the absolute best and my favorite thing about Thanksgiving hands down! However, this recipe is not for the gluten-free. It's Italian bread; mild sausage; ground beef; apple; lots of sage; parsley; celery and onion (of course); a little milk; chicken stock; a few raisins; and an egg. The key is that it must be stuffed in the bird and basted throughout the cooking process. Carb-free people, put your ear muffs on! There’s nothing like a turkey sandwich the following day or the day after with turkey, cranberry sauce, a little mayo, lettuce, and stuffing on yummy bread = the BEST!! Grandma’s Stuffing Recipe will be available soon online.

Watch | The Mindy Project: A TV feature again... I know I featured a television show last month, but this section is supposed to feature what I'm into at the moment: my best, favorite things. Well, I'll be honest and tell you that “The Mindy Project” is my secret (now not-so-secret) happy place. Mindy Lahiri, you bring me joy and laughter. I have never been able to watch a show or a movie for a second time. For the most part I try to never take the same route twice and always do my best to keep things fresh, new and interesting. So when it comes to TV and movies, there are few things I'll watch for the second time around. But this is not the case with Mindy. If I'm having a bad day, what cheers me up? Mindy. If I'm feeling sad? Again, Mindy always puts a smile on my face. It's laugh-out-loud funny—even the episodes I've already seen. I think it’s pretty safe to say that this is chick television; but I feel like if a guy were to tune in, he wouldn't hate what is going.

Giving Back & Delicious Food | Eat Feed Love: Good quality pantry ingredients are essential for fine cooking. Finding the latest trending or new ingredients to keep your pantry stocked isn't something everyone has the time to do, and often some products just aren't available in your area or at your local grocery store. For this, Eat Feed Love is absolutely brilliant for culinarians of all ages. Eat Feed Love is an exciting new e-commerce company focused on high-quality artisan foods. Created as a lifestyle brand for food lovers, Eat Feed Love has hundreds of amazing kitchen-tested recipes and the products used to create them. EFL is committed to working with responsible and ethical food producers, building a community of people who are passionate about food and humanity. Inspired by social enterprises, Eat Feed Love feeds a person in need with every purchase made. The company was created with the purpose of aiding in the fight against world hunger through the discovery of great food. Now that's food for the soul and the perfect gift for the foodie in your life.


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