Another Cookbook for Belly!

Simplicity wins. Sometimes less is more!

Another cookbook for Belly: These are two of my favorite shots from a recent cookbook shoot with photographer Dana Hursey. It was so much fun shooting these classic Italian family recipes for the book. Love Love shooting with Dana!!.

The best things I've eaten, drank, watched, or come across this month!

Drink | Stiegl Radler:  Radler's are not at all new to Canada. Released in 2013, they were such a hit there were waiting lists in the liquor stores. Ontario liquor stores couldn't keep up with the demand. Refreshing and delicious, you can drink them on their own at 2.5% alcohol, or add an extra kick with a little ice and vodka or gin - deliciousness! I haven't yet been able to find them in California. Who knows where I can find them? I'm reminded of when I used to bring my suitcase full of Scrumpy Jacks apple cider back from the UK before Cider was readily available. Yet again there's a suitcase packed with Radlers so I can get my fix and share with Cali friends. There is now a number of competitive brands available in Canada, but I like the Stiegl brand the best. Its the cleanest with just two ingredients citrus and beer. Way to keep it clean! Although Radler's are definitely a summer drink in Canadaland, God Bless SoCal and its pretty consistent 72 and sunny weather pretty much every day - so LA land, enjoy year round if you can find them!!

 Watch | 50 Ways To Kill Your Mammy: Nothing like a long flight to just zone out and watch a little TV, right before picking up a book and passing out. I'm so happy this show made it back for a second season. I literally caught myself laughing out loud and smiling to myself while watching. It's really the perfect blend of comedy and travel. Just a little bit about me, getting older is my biggest fear in life. I'd like to do it gracefully. I often say I'm like a good bottle of wine that just gets better with age. I've locked in 27 forever and believe that life is to be enjoyed to the fullest. In the show, host Basil has his mother experiencing all sorts of daring feats - it’s refreshing to see that age has no limits! I definitely have the travel bug and still have many places I need to see. 50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy is educational, inspirational and extremely entertaining. You can tell the mom just loves her son to bits and vise versa. I don't watch a ton of teli but this show I'm hooked.

Eat | Kitten & Bear Seasonal Jams:  Maybe because I just did a Christmas shoot I've now got the holidays and gift giving on my mind. Yes, it's super duper early to even start thinking about the holidays. Most people are hanging on to the last days of summer not thinking about holiday shopping and ho ho ho's. Holiday or not Kitten & Bear jams are the prefect artisanal gift. These jams are not only delicious but they are one of a kind, each flavor made in small batches. They are served in the shop on fresh baked scones with clotted cream and butter - absolutely delicious with a spot of tea! They’re located in Toronto's trendy but seedy Parkdale, but once you enter their shop you are transported to a little piece of culinary heaven. Once at home I took a spoonful and topped my morning oatmeal - bye bye boring breakfast cereal! Why stop there? Added to salad dressings or marinades these jams are truly something special and will add a very special flavor profile to your savory cooking.


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