Spring Has Sprung

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Spring has sprung and before you know it summer will be here! One of my favorite things about living in California is that there is always something in bloom. But, I do have to say, springtime blooms are my favorite. Hyacinths have always been my number one fave with the scent I love. Spring is the best because it's time to plant your seedlings for your soon-to-be vegetable garden. Tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and other goodies you can start sprouting for your summer garden. Yes, before you know it, summer will be here – finally!! I grow my garden in pots and water from the roots – this ensures that I don’t need to water everyday, especially when I’m a little forgetful. My herb garden is already off to a good start, and it's such a treat to have access to fresh herbs right outside your door.

Fresh Works – Nicole's most recent food styling creations

Shari's Berries

Another TV spot with Shari’s Berries! It's always a pleasure working with Espina Blanca Productions, she sure does put together a stellar crew! We actually nailed the strawberry falling in the chocolate shot on the first take. But, it was so cool and fun, we did it a few more times to play and make sure. Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Order some berries!

The best things I've eaten, drank, watched, or come across this month!

Never be bored again! Oh, my bucket list in long with things I want to try, see, and do in my life. Getting my diving certificate is one. Glass blowing, welding, pottery, languages… my list goes on. I discovered the ultimate app, Verlocal, that has a long list of my bucket items available to do right in my backyard. I’ve been taking pottery classes and loving them, creating functional art pieces for serving food. I can’t wait to entertain and serve something not only that I made, but in one of my serving pieces – double whammy artist presentation!

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Aspen Faves

Flashing back to last month, I was in Aspen again. My happy place. Here’s my updates list of favorite spots.

Eats | The White House Tavern:  It's still my number one fave, and I learned recently that it's part of the Hllstone Group. So, you might not have to have to go to Aspen to enjoy some of my menu favorites. The chicken Sandwich is AMAZING, and the Kale Salad is the bomb. If you’re feeling like a salad for a meal, the Macho salad is packed with yummy goodness. So if you find yourself at one of their restaurants, you'll just might find the taste that hits the spot!

*tip – Their sandwiches are huge!! If you’re a party of two, I suggest you ask them to cut them in half… some of their bigger sandwiches come out cut in three. A salad and half a sandwich is more than enough for a dinner, especially with a beer. So, for easy sharing, ask them to cut your sandwich in two and share with some fries or the kale salad.

Eats | La Creperie du Village :  This romantic and charming little spot is perfect for dinner or Après ski if you don’t feel like hanging with the scene/riff raff at the Little Nell or Ajax Tavern.

Meat and Cheese…  and maybe the best potatoes I’ve ever had in my life!! The roast chicken dinner comes with these little gems, and the dipping sauce gravy is like nothing I’ve ever tasted. If you get there before 6pm, order a bowl of their thai soup – it's up there with the best I’ve ever had. A bowl for lunch is perfect "warm your soul & bones" food.

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Food Style Cooking

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