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Sometimes you need to turn to an expert to get the job done right. Why spin your wheels outside of your wheelhouse when I’m here to help. I am a culinary professional and I work with people, brands and companies to solve their culinary woes. Whatever the ask or challenge may be, I make food POP!

I follow a proven and very simple recipe for success and will make your food look appetite inducing, visually stimulating, and when developing recipes, taste great, have you working efficiently and save time in the kitchen.

Simple? Yes. Easy? No.

And that’s why people from all walks of life hire me- from Picture Taker-to-Dinner Maker; Night Club-to-Mom’s Club; Executive Chef-to-Art Director-to-Executive Producer.

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  • 15 minutes expert consultation – $75 $0 Free Appetizer!
  • 30 minutes expert consultation – $150
  • 45 minutes expert consultation – $225
  • 60 minutes expert consultation – $300


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Who is this for and how I can help you?

Photographers, Bloggers & Influencers:

  • How to style a particular dish in a specific context
  • Preparation and strategy for important media shoots and events

Food styling for Home

  • How to make the meal match the recipe picture in your favorite cookbook, food blog or magazine
  • Menu planning & presentation, shopping and meal presentation tips & tricks
  • How to work more efficiently in the kitchen
  • How to cut costs and work with more economy in the kitchen

Film Industry: Creative/Art Directors, Photographers 

  • With the film industry implementing safe distance sets & smaller budget jobs, a food stylist might not make the cut to be present in the studio.
  • Now get expert food styling tips and advice virtually.

Restaurant Owners, Executive Chefs 

  • Track and report on the latest and hot new food trends
  • Elevate the menu presentation and dining experience
  • Recipe development and testing
  • Efficiency analysis, kitchen economy & cost optimization

Junior Food Stylists and Apprentices:

  • How to enter the world of Professional Food Styling and how to become a professional food stylist

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