Culinary Content Creation

Thumb-stopping culinary content, designed for you.

Research shows you should be posting to social media at least 3 times a day. Sound like a lot? That’s where we come in.

Belly Food Style can be as full stop or one stop as you need. Our custom-tailored packages make it easier for you to connect with your audience across all social media platforms.


  • Style and create beautiful food photography
  • Produce culinary videos that are authentic and inspiring

Count on Belly Food Style to help drive engagement and attract attention to your brand.


Food Photography

We’ve got your food photography needs covered. Our team will create and style beautiful, inspiring images to capture your product or brand.

Whereas chefs merge flavor, essence, and aroma, we mix texture, color, and composition to create a feast for the eyes! Images can include: product still life, stop motion, mood creative, and recipe showcases.

With competitive prices and monthly service packages, our team has the answer to your unique social media photography needs.

Video Creation

Lights! Camera! Food! The demand for engaging “snack-sized” video content is on the rise and here to stay. Our team produces a variety of video content: GIFs, short & simple “Tastemade” style videos, and more.

The clear, visual nature of videos makes them easy to consume. They’re a great source of inspiration: social media users see and immediately understand your recipe or product.

Our custom-tailored video content will have your audience hungry to experience your brand and buy more product.  

Content Scheduling & Concepting

Consumers expect relevant, entertaining, and inspiring content. And they want a lot of it!

We understand it can be challenging to keep up with current trends, events, and holidays. Our solution: We work with you to identify key events and dates in your industry, and hone in on important opportunities specific to your market.

Our team of culinary marketing experts has the knowledge and tools to guide you. We’ll develop a plan so you’ll be ready with engaging content that will connect with your audience, help increase sales, and attract new attention to your brand.


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