Nicole Kruzick

Food Styling Expert

Nicole Kruzick - Belly Food Style - Food Stylist - Social Media Content Creation - Portrait

Nicole grew up in Toronto, Ontario and from a young age, her mother encouraged her to explore the world of culinary creation. Equipped with piles of cookbooks and her mother’s kitchen-aid, she fell in love with the magical world of food.

After completing her studies in culinary arts and food styling, Nicole carved out several successful career niches in catering, consulting, design and entertaining.

From teaching classes at a boutique cooking school; working as a retail buyer and merchandiser; creating menus and launching big name restaurants; to running her own catering company, Nicole’s magnetic personality and ability to forecast up and coming trends continually serves her well.

A stickler for policies and procedures, with a forte in finding creative ways to cut budgets, while elevating presentation and style, Nicole’s clients have included magazines, production companies, top food photographers, ad agencies, big name brands and celebrities. Her clients love her approach, ideas, style and cost savings.

In 2012 Nicole launched Belly Food Style, and dedicate her career full time to food styling, food design, consulting, and recipe development. She currently lives in Los Angeles, California, and offers her services worldwide.

Nicole is a trend setter and continues to have her finger on the pulse. The constant throughout her career? Food as an artform. Whether on set or in her own kitchen, she always serves it up with style.

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